Chapter 674: He Actually Enslaves You?

Chapter 674: He Actually Enslaves You?

Ling Ya stuffed her hands into her pockets. “So what do we do now? If there’s nothing to find do we just turn back?”

Lan Jue nodded. “Let Tyrannosaurus know we haven’t found any aliens yet, and include the possibility they may have teleported away. Alert human-occupied planets as well, tell them to be vigilant.”

Ling Ya nodded. She had her reservations about Lan Jue, but she was a professional soldier. This was not the time to act mutinous. She wasted no time relaying the information back to Tyrannosaurus with Wu Qiu.

“Boss, aliens incoming!” Suddenly Su Xiaosu’s urgent voice rang through the bridge. Everyone’s eyes immediately shot toward the radar screen. Sure enough, three angry red dots were closing on their position, and fast.

“Keep out of sight!” Lan Jue ordered.

“Wait.” Ling Ya hurried back to Lan Jue’s side. “Can we get a look at them first? We need to confirm they...

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