Chapter 659: Fight to the End

Chapter 659: Fight to the End

Zeus-1 darted ahead at full speed with Lan Qing’s expedition ship close on its heels. They kept pace with one another, steady at FTL travel.



“The mecha department is ready to engage, weapons are being distributed. Those who didn’t want to remain behind have left with the evacuation ships.” The Dean of Lyr Han Ruchao sounded hoarse and tired, but his eyes showed a steely determination

Lyr University was one of the preeminent institutions of higher learning on the East, famed for producing quality soldiers and especially mecha pilots. But the aliens at had arrived suddenly, without warning, giving them no time to prepare. The initial order was for a full retreat, these students were considered the future of the East. Those who chose to evacuated with the civilian elderly, women and children. Nearby military garrisons sent transport ships to facilitate the evacuation.

But the university was simply too big. The four ships were only able to evacuate...

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