Chapter 642: A Trap

Chapter 642: A Trap

The person stumbled and nearly collapsed, but no one paid any mind. Everyone’s total attention was on the vital crystals, what did the other appraisers mean to them? All but Jun’er, who was standing in the path of the representative.

The small girl’s eyes did not work, but her other senses compensated. “Be careful,” she squeaked. A tiny hand extended to help. Only just then the representative jerked away. To the outside observer it looked like they were trying to avoid bumping into the girl. Something in it grabbed the attention of the Keeper and Bookworm, though.

“Nobody move.” A deep, gravelly voice hissed through the air. All eyes turned to the dagger pressed against Jun’er’s throat, throbbing with purple light. The culprit’s free hand shot out, and ten vital stones suspended nearby shot into his grasp.

Suddenly a wave of crushing power filled...

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