Chapter 640: Lucifer’s Terror

Chapter 640: Lucifer’s Terror

“I wasn’t going to do anything. No ill-will. It’s all a misunderstanding.” Lucifer raised his hands and sputtered the words. He was practically falling over himself in capitulation.

“That’s good.” The general answered in a soft voice.

Lucifer shot a glance toward An Liu. “Can I go in?”

She suddenly remembered his invitation in her hand. She handed it back. “Go ahead.”

Lucifer painfully noted that An Liu didn’t look once at him. The whole time she only had eyes for the golden general – like she was fixated. It made him even more furious. With a dissatisfied grunt and long strides, he stomped into the museum.

“Why are you still staring? Don’t you have a job to do?” The general glanced her way. The moment their eyes met a deep red crept into An Liu’s cheeks. Her subordinates noticed, and could only stare slack-jawed. It was the only time they saw their boss they called the ice...

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