Chapter 632: Do You Want to Torture Me?

Chapter 632: Do You Want to Torture Me?

Faced with his younger brother’s sass, Lan Qing laughed. “Very well, you’ve got your wish. On one condition; we fight, in front of all our men.”

Lan Jue froze for a minute, then burst out. “Do you want to torture me?!”

Lan Qing’s irritation flared. “You come to me for the help of my men and this is how you react?”

Lan Jue’s eyes nearly rolled out of his head, but after a moment he nodded. “Fine, it’s agreed. Losing to my brother doesn’t mean anything, I’m not concerned about face. Only, you’re an illustrious Paragon now. You’ll earn no glory from beating me. I should fight with Qianlin, I think you’ll agree to that. Two on one.”

“Alright!” Lan Qing agreed straight off. His intention wasn’t to abuse his brother. Ever since breaking through he’d been unable to find anyone of comparable level to contend with. He was immersed in a whole new realm of capability...

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