Chapter 631: The Power of Star Division!

Chapter 631: The Power of Star Division!

Star Division had improved far beyond Lan Jue’s expectations, be it strength, cooperation or discipline. When they were faced with the Bloodiron Khans, it broke into its individual cells to harass and surprise attack the enemy. In this way, they gnawed away at the Bloodiron Khans until they collapsed. If they tried to push the offensive, Star Division focused its strength to turn guerilla strikes into full-on raids.

After experiencing the epiphanies of Lan Qing’s breakthrough, Star Division had undergone another sharp rise in capability. No small number of troops used what they learned to smash through bottlenecks. The number of sixth level Talents was shrinking as they advanced to seventh and eighth. Their equipment only continued to improve, making them a nightmare to contend against.

The strictly disciplined Bloodiron Khans grumbled and quietly nursed their grievances when...

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