Chapter 630: Safe Return

Chapter 630: Safe Return

“Yeah, we just escaped the Starfields. Our first move was to get this data to you. Send it to the Eastern government as quickly as you can. We’ve learned a lot this time.” A smirk spread across Lan Jue’s face.

”Alright!” Lan Qing Replied, then cut the connection.

The data was uploaded to An Lun under the Accountant’s direction. When the progress bar hit one hundred percent Lan Jue allowed himself to breathe a sigh of relief. They had succeeded, their scouting mission was over. In the end they were more shaken up than anything. Small wonder for a team of five Paragons. If they’d failed with so much overwhelming firepower behind them, humanity would be lost.

Zeus-1 sailed toward An Lun as fast as they could to collect the rest of Star Division. There would be more missions for them once the Eastern government analyzed what was gathered. However, before all that they...

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