Chapter 611: Jue Di’s Fear

Chapter 611: Jue Di’s Fear

Lan Jue chuckled. “Do I look discouraged? I’m thrilled that my older brother is breaking through, it’s only a higher target for me to reach. I’ll keep working hard, don’t worry.”

Jue Di fixed him with a stare. “So long as you mean it. We’ll see how much you’ve improved later.”

“Heh, dad, you can feel how strong I am now?” Lan Jue said through a smirk. He was the only person who would dare talk about strength to the likes of Jue Di.

His father growled in irritation. “Stop your bullshit. You think I don’t already know where you got that power?”

Lan Jue shrugged and paid no more attention to his dad. He leaned close to Luo Xianni and muttered “Did you put him in his place?”

She gave Jue Di a flat stare, who groaned dramatically in response. Of course he heard what Lan Jue asked.

“You know it.” She gave a resolute nod with a face full of satisfaction, though a bit of pink had crept into her cheeks.

Lan Jue gave her a thumbs-up. “Impressive!”

Even with...

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