Chapter 600: Taming Dragon Arhat

Chapter 600: Taming Dragon Arhat

What sort of thing could make Lan Jue, the Driver, the Wine Master and even the Photographer joyous? What was so important as to call together the whole Star Division?

What they’d felt the moment they exited the arena was strong. It was protogenia, wild and untamed.

Only Paragons were capable of using protogenia directly, aside from the rare, exceptionally talented Adept like Lan Jue and his brothers. Put another way, the felt the residue of a Paragon’s power. It was wild, uncontrolled, but not dangerous. Its range was limited.

Lan Jue had experienced this before. It was just the same when the Bookworm broke through to Paragon and took the name Karmic Scholar. The Jewelry Master knew the instant he felt it; another Adept was about to ascend to Paragon.

The Bookworm’s ascension had been of great aid to many hundreds of Adepts, but they were exceedingly rare to encounter. After all, there were only a handful of times Adepts...

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