Chapter 599: Lightning of Yin and Yang

Chapter 599: Lightning of Yin and Yang

They stood within the center of the Wine Master’s Reaper Arena. He looked displeased with the situation, but he couldn’t say anything to the Photographer. The surge of power that resulted from their last attempt was at the front of everyone’s memory. If not for his aunt’s intervention, he would never have allowed them to attempt their experiments here.

Lan Jue and the Driver walked together to the center of the ring. There, the Star Division commander turned to face his subordinate. “I’ll lead,” he announced.

“Be careful,” the Driver cautioned. “We don’t want a repeat of last time.”

“Relax, I know my limits,” Lan Jue assured.

Over the last few days he had, in fact, experienced a great epiphany in his control of Taiji. Precise control over his body was becoming easier. Moreover, as he continued to absorb the thunder essence his Discipline was changing. It was becoming purer, and little by little shedding the wild nature of lightning....

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