Chapter 584: You Are Food

Chapter 584: You Are Food

Golden light flashed behind Lan Jue’s eyes. He didn’t know anything about this woman or where she came from, but her actions clearly made her his enemy.

The Barber had been one of the weaker Skyfire councilors, but he was still ninth level third rank, maybe fourth. Yet, this terrifying woman ended him with a wave of her hand. How strong was she?

He was afraid she was a Paragon! Lan Jue asked himself, if he had to kill someone of the Barber’s strength as quickly as he could, then he would have to rely on the power of Captus. She did it with her hand.

She watched Lan Jue rush toward her. Confusion was evident in her gaze, but Lan Jue was already there. A bolt of electricity as thick as her waist came crashing toward her.

The blinding lights flickered as they ran up and down the girl’s body, making her shake. The violet aura around her flashed, and suddenly the lightning was gone.

The Driver’s attack was on the heels of...

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