Chapter 583: The Death of the Barber

Chapter 583: The Death of the Barber

The pirates had weapons, certainly, but without the help of a planetary defense system they would never get through an airship’s hull. All they could do was try and survive the beating. They had to watch as their fellow scallywags were reduced to ash.

All of the Star Division soldiers from every brigade were immersed in battle. They were strong together and alone. Whether they fought in groups or on their own, the Star Division soldiers swept away all opposition. Air support watched over them from above.

A day on Moonfiend was roughly sixteen hours long. Eight hours after dawn, when the sun was at its zenith, the sounds of fighting began to subside.

Moonfiend Palace, main control room.

“Boss,” Su Xiaosu called, looking at Lan Jue, “it’s more or less finished.”

Lan Jue nodded back at her. They weren’t trying to kill the whole planet. There were too many, and a lot of the population weren’t pirates....

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