Chapter 563: Sweep and Clear

Chapter 563: Sweep and Clear

The Red Widow had no idea how this enemy could suddenly appear. What happened to all their defenses? After all that money, it was like it had no use at all.

Inside he was enraged, but he kept a clear head.

Six of the mechas that were guarding him broke off and engaged the metallic orb. They fired wildly at it, but their long-ranged attacks harmlessly bounced off. Then, as they watched, the orb grew several sharp and spindly protrusions. They appeared just in time, as the orb came crashing into the pirate mechas.

Peng! Bang! Two pirates were turned to slag as the orb made contact. The energy it struck with felt like it would level a mountain. The spikes launched out and pinned the remaining combatants to the floor – dead.

“Ai-ya, weak sauce.” Tang Xiao loudly complained. His round body catapulted into the air, changing back into a war machine. The Star Division...

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