Chapter 562: Bugle Call

Chapter 562: Bugle Call

The base’s shields and doors were tied to the planetary defense system, and thus were located in the master control room. The Accountant’s backdoor access gave him sway over it, and everything else.

However, he had to be wary. The pirates’ defenses were all-encompassing. If anyone in the control center saw anything out of the ordinary, they could immediately shut down any access outside of their servers. Lan Jue didn’t dare let them know that he had his fingers in their pies. They weren’t safe until they had total command over the control center.

Alpha team slipped into the base. Lan Jue waved them over. “On me!” He started off into the sky. There were too many for the verticar, so they’d have to make their own way.

The Pharmacist took up the invisibility specialist and lifted off the ground. The others of Alpha team followed and raced after Lan Jue toward the interior of the Red Widow ...

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