Chapter 523: Antitoxin

Chapter 523: Antitoxin

As Adepts he and Qianlin were more resilient than normal people. But, like any poison, once the Paragon’s toxin spread through him it would spell his death.

The assassin’s blade cut through the fissure in their Domain, but couldn’t strike accurately. The dagger struck Qianlin as she placed herself between it and its target, but luckily it missed any major structures. Now that they were joined, both of them would defend against the poison together. But if they failed, they failed together as well.

Lan Jue clenched his jaw, aware of every moment the cold and numbness ate at them. Thankfully, joining brought his Discipline – and thus defense – up to peak level. His Core was desperately injecting his meridians with energy to protect them and counteract the poison’s corrosion.

Sharp pain sharpened Lan Jue’s focus when he bit down on the tip of his...

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