Chapter 522: Blocking Daggers

Chapter 522: Blocking Daggers

This small victory was thanks to the One-Inch Guard. Without it the evil energies would have been far worse. The poison would have been injected right in to his organs.

As things got more chaotic, Lan Jue grew calmer. He did not fluster, because losing his cool meant death. He reacted by shutting off all the meridians in his chest and creating a defensive net of electricity around his Core. Everything leading to it was locked down. The toxin and the rampaging force it rode in on couldn’t invade.

His eyes blazed as they filled with golden light. A stately and commanding aura poured from him.

Stagnate!” The deep voice boomed from Lan Jue. He was like a star, blazing in the center of the black and white vortex.

Everything slowed, like they were stuck in a mire. He could see a black dagger in the air – the dark image that had attacked him.

Ascension, and protogenic command! His One-Inch Guard had bought him...

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