Chapter 521: Unexpected

Chapter 521: Unexpected

Lan Jue gulped. “Mom, you must be busy…”

Luo Xianni answered with a charming smile, then sashayed away from them looking for all the world like a care-free young woman. But who would dare tell her that to her face!

“Your Majesty, has your aunt always been this terrifying?” Chu Cheng asked the Wine Master.

The Wine Master shot him a look. “She taught me everything I know. At the inception of the Avenue, my aunt was the most experienced fighter we had. She would have been chosen our leader, except her terrible temper wasn’t suitable for the job. Even then there weren’t many who knew her, and she wasn’t one to brag about her strength so most never knew. She stopped coming to the Avenue frequently, until eventually she disappeared for thirty years. I haven’t seen her in a very long time.”

The others exchanged quiet looks. Lan Jue’s mind, though, went back to what the Clairvoyant had told him. At...

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