Chapter 520: Live Life Like Luo Xianni!

Chapter 520: Live Life Like Luo Xianni!

In that instant a nimbus of light surrounded Lan Jue, while a white phantom shimmered at his back. He thrust his index finger forward.

For a moment, nothing happened.

Lan Jue’s pupils contracted, and without hesitation he dropped his sword. He retracted his hands, then returned with the mightiest of the nine Taiji Hammers; Downward Hammer strike!


The concussive force shook their surroundings. Lan Jue staggered back, nearly falling before regaining his footing some ten meters back. Lan Qing had not moved.

Both Hua Li and Chu Cheng watched the brothers in awe. It was no surprise that Lan Qing was strong – the strongest of all of them, no doubt. Only now, they had some measure to compare it to. Both of them had plentiful experience with peak Adepts – Chu Cheng’s father was one, after all – but even at the highest levels there were enormous discrepancies in strength. Aftershocks of his power still caused the floor to tremble.

Palm, fist, finger. Three strikes, straightforward and unobtrusive. One might...

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