Chapter 516: Gathering of the Monarchs

Chapter 516: Gathering of the Monarchs

“So what is this, a fashion show?” Lan Jue looked pointedly at their matching outfits.

Chu Cheng chuckled lazily. “Nah, great minds think alike is all, I shouldn’t have to tell you that. Or maybe I should – it looks like you aren’t part of our unspoken psychic connection.”

He did happen to own a similar blazer. His was part of a dark blue suit.

“Let’s go!” He curtly waved them into the Avenue. An Liu stepped aside to let them pass.

He led them to his own Zeus’ Jewelry Shop first. As they traversed the Avenue, Lan Jue turned to his brother. “Why didn’t you guys tell me earlier? I’d have gone to meet you.”

“Wasn’t worth the trouble,” Hua Li answered. “Didn’t you just get back?”

Lan Jue shook his head. “Thi isn’t any trouble.”

They arrived before the Sapphire entrance of the Jewelry Shop. He pushed open the door, and they found all four of his Amazons inside waiting. They rose to their feet as the Monarchs entered.

It wasn’t a very large store. Eight people started...

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