Chapter 515: Nearby Godblades?

Chapter 515: Nearby Godblades?

Lan Jue left the Gothic Winery and took the elevator down to the Underground. His destination was the Hall of Supreme Harmony. When he entered, he encountered no resistance. The workers there were under instruction to allow him in without question previous notification.

The Pharmacist sat in an eight-pointed pagoda, plucking at a guqin set before her. She was a vision of classical beauty, clad in a shimmering white qipao.

“You’re here.” Her delicate fingers stopped, resting upon the strings and bring them to silence. She smiled at him.

“Where’s Jun’er?” Lan Jue asked.

“The Wine Master came to pick her up a little while ago. He said the Clairvoyant wanted to see her,” she replied.

Lan Jue felt his heart flutter. “The Clairvoyant…”

The Pharmacist cut him off. “The Clairvoyant is nearing the end of his life. I don’t know what he could be giving my girl, but it can’t be bad.”

Brows knit, Lan Jue fixed her with a serious gaze. “Is this the path you want for her?” The road...

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