Chapter 514: Solving Problems

Chapter 514: Solving Problems

Lan Jue’s eyes glittered. That’s right! According to the time frame announced earlier, DreamNet’s upgrades were either complete or very nearly so. He was sure this would turn out to be a huge boon, since now users could integrate their Disciplines into the virtual world. Students would be able to integrate their abilities and mecha combat just as though it was happening in real life.

The Wine Master grinned in self-satisfaction. “The real suits are being manufactured, but we’ve already begun to port the schematics in to DreamNet. Ten days at the most, and they’ll all have been uploaded and ready for use. When the time has come, you can begin training your Skyfire’s Star Division right from the comfort of a pod.”

“Stop! This Division is not mine.” Lan Jue glowered in irritation. “I’ll also be bringing the A.R.C. students from the university, so they’ll need suits as well. When will we be getting the new pods?”

“Already here,” the Wine Master answered. “I’d originally planned to put them in the arena here, but since you’ve decided on West Hill I’ll just have...

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