Chapter 496: BOSS!

Chapter 496: BOSS!

“Quick as the wind, this girl,” Lan Jue muttered helplessly.

“Boss!” He suddenly realized the customers had all gone. The four amazons all stood at his back, hands on their hips. He awkwardly plucked off his mask and coughed.

“Em, do you girls want a hug, too?”

“Hmph!” They shouted in unison.

“Ladies,” he said, his face spreading in to a winning smile. “It’s so nice to be home, let’s not ruin the mood, am I right? In fact, I think we should have a drink and celebrate, what do you think?”

They couldn’t hold it, and Ke’er bubbled in to laughter. “I don’t care, but I do want a hug. You all going out and leaving me behind… you don’t know how much work it was!”

Mika replied. “It was no cake-walk for us, either. Running this way and that, hiding our identities, making deals and buying supplies… it wasn’t easy!”

They made their way toward the far counter of the jewelry shop. The ladies were...

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