Chapter 494: The Four Banishing Blades

Chapter 494: The Four Banishing Blades

A thoughtful expression flit across Lan Jue’s face. In reality, he’d guessed the story of these weapons once the Pharmacist started explaining. From what she told him, it sounded as though Celestial Master Qian was not the sword’s creator. Instead they were ancient artifact weapons, old and powerful. But where did they come from?

It was more complicated than that, though. It was common knowledge that an Astrum was destroyed with its owner. How, then, could these swords have survived to be passed on? Perhaps they weren’t really Astrum – maybe it was just that simple.

With such being the case, it must have an ancient heritage. But Lan Jue searched his memory, and could think of nothing about a set of apocalyptic swords. A normal Astrum should be strongest when it’s whole, but the Pharmacist displayed incredible ability with only one fourth of...

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