Chapter 489: The Cosmagus and the Epochrion

Chapter 489: The Cosmagus and the Epochrion

The Avenue’s four Paragons didn’t only represent their organization. They represented their whole Alliance. If something were to happen to them here on Northern soil, then the entire government of the East would be forced to retaliate.

Things would have played out differently if the alien threat didn’t exist, but they did, and they were coming. Once again the North would be first to suffer. It was unwise to start a war with the East under these circumstances.

Hearing the query, the Wine Master’s cold gaze fell upon the Epochrion. His voice was soft, but unfriendly. “The Clairvoyant isn’t dead. That’s hardly leaving the Avenue undefended.”

The Terminator was slow to react. He may have only been one level of Paragon beneath the Clairvoyant, but the gulf between them was immense. That was as true in their contributions to humanity...

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