Chapter 488: Four Paragons Meet

Chapter 488: Four Paragons Meet

The Gourmet’s threat was not an empty one. If a Paragon consumed their own life force, the destruction they were capable of was unimaginable. Even both the Terminator and the Epochrion wouldn’t be able to contain it all. None of the many mechs surrounding them could survive the ensuing power. The North would pay dearly if they chose that route.

What’s more, the Avenue’s representatives were few, but strong. All four of the tournament’s finalists were present, and everyone had seen the strength that they possessed. Each of them could touch the border of Paragon, even now.

The tournament had forbade the use of protogenia, too, and that was no longer a restriction. Who could say what these fighters were fully capable of? The North’s timing was good, though. At least Lan Jue and Jun Yongye were not at full strength. They hadn’t had enough time to recover after the championship battle.

“And if we include me?” The cracking,...

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