Chapter 478: Before the Championship

Chapter 478: Before the Championship

“Why would you forfeit?” The Gourmet’s incredulous question was directed at the Pharmacist.

Her response was tepid. “I have my reasons. I do regret that I was unable to take the championship in the Avenue’s name.” Her words were apologetic, though her expression bore no such sign.

The Gourmet’s grin was drawn and bitter. “Fine. We wouldn’t even be in the quarter finals without you, anyway. We’d have more trouble to consider, certainly. At any rate, the Jewelry Master is one of ours, even if it isn’t on his name tag. It is what it is, and I wouldn’t speak any more on it. Now, let’s just hope our Jewelry Master can emerge victorious tomorrow.”

There was a flash of excited energy in the Pharmacist’s eyes. Her voice was resolute. “He’ll win. He must.”

The Paragon was a little taken aback by her sudden and intense demeanor. What pride, to state he’d win so categorically. Was her surrender today somehow tied to the Jewelry Master?

The Pharmacist went on. “That’s...

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