Chapter 463: The Clash With Titan

Chapter 463: The Clash With Titan

In his heart there was only a singular thought; I must defeat my opponent. In defeating Titan, Zeus would prove that he deserved his spot in the final four. It would be a chance for him to learn more from the sword masters.

Lan Jue’s gains from this excursion had been tremendous. Still, he wasn’t satisfied. There was more to learn. The fire of battle was lit in Lan Jue’s chest. How strong is this pure-force Adept, he wondered. He wasn’t sure, but the moment he walked in to the ring and the force field shut behind him, he could sense Titan’s aura bearing down on him.

On the other side Titan was also stepping in. His chest was thrust out, and a prideful light shone in his eyes.

They nodded at one another. There was no banter, no threats.

“Final fight of the Group One quarter-finals will now get underway!”

“Three, two, one. Begin!”

Mo Xiao’s cries and the fight buzzer quickly gathered everyone’s atte...

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