Chapter 461: Comprehensive Response

Chapter 461: Comprehensive Response

The Epochrion looked at her compatriot, genuinely stunned. “Are you thinking of doing something?”

The Terminator heaved a sigh. “There always needs to be a bad guy. As leader of the North, that mantle falls to me. Anyway, I’ve been seen as an enemy to the East for a very long time already.”

She sighed, but did not respond.

He went on in a soft, detached voice. “If you don’t agree I won’t force you to get involved. You’re from the East, after all.”

“You must consider our real enemies,” she said in a low voice. “We should try to preserve all of humanity’s power for that fight.”

“Then let it be the North’s power!” He said, his voice rising in pitch. “NOT the East, do you understand?”

She regarded him in silence for a moment, then sighed. “We must think on it. Let’s wait and see what the rest of the tournament has in store.”


After lunch,...

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