Chapter 455: Battling the Wolf King

  Chapter 455: Battling the Wolf King

The projector cast images of the ring against the far wall of the classroom. All the students fixed their eyes upon the heroic, masked figure of their drillmaster.

“He’ll win it!” No one knew who said, but they all joined in triumphant cry.

“He’ll win it!”


Lan Jue stood in the ring once again, allowing the feel of the place to flow through him. His heart eased in to a comfortable silence. There was the faintest hint of electrical light behind his eyes. Even though the fight was yet to begin, he could feel the oppressive pressure from Qi Mu’s Discipline. And that’s exactly what he was looking for!

“Three, two, one. Begin!”

As the buzzer sounded, Lan Jue stood tall and straight. Suddenly he seemed bigger… Not his body, necessarily,...

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