Chapter 453: The Bet

  Chapter 453: The Bet

Five hundred million…. Not a small sum! Dollars and NED had a 2-1 exchange rate, meaning a dollar was two NED. Five hundred million was enough to buy the Great Conclave Arena. The bet these women were making was the max, because no one had ever spent that much before.

“Of course,” the worker said with a somewhat curt tone. He looked down at the odds on his screen, revealing Zeus at 6.3/1 and Qi Mu favored at 0.16/1. “Who are you placing your bet on?”

The one on the left answered. “Put it all on Zeus.”

It was bold. Although Qi Mu had ultimately lost to Titan, he’d shown his strength. No small number of people believed he could easily handle Zeus. Dozens of talking heads had provided their opinions on the masked Monarch’s fight against Bing Yu, where they claimed his victory was a result of exploiting opportunity. No one looked at the weakest competitor as a threat. Even though...

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