Chapter 449: Constantine’s Path

  Chapter 449: Constantine’s Path

“Just a suggestion,” Lan Jue said with a smirk.

So it was for group three. Cao Shuiqin and Jun Yongye had achieved victory. There wasn’t a great deal of surprise but for the dark horse,Jun Yongye. His almost assured entrance in the final four was a surprising result.

Mo Xiao’s final words for the group were brief. This was somewhat understandable, since even she wasn’t fully aware of everything that was happening. At this level, the difference between victory and defeat rested on a razor’s edge. For instance, she wasn’t even sure how it was the Driver was defeated. The Terminator didn’t explain either. What happened was a secret between the Driver and Cao Shuiqin.

It had come to the final group of the day, and the last of the opening rounds for the quarter-finals. Group four; Constantine, Blackmoon, Ying Suifeng, and Xuanyuan Shishi [1. It’s important to note that the first part of his name ‘Xuanyuan’...

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