Chapter 412: The Nightclub

Chapter 412: The Nightclub

Lan Jue and Zhou Qianlin rose to their feet as the other couple entered. Qianlin was fetching in a simple white gown. The pelagic pearl twinkled prettily at her wrist, and on her neck the Soul Caller gem glowed with its own light. There wasn’t much to the outfit, but that was to her benefit, and allowed her natural beauty to shine. Lina was sure she was quite pretty, but Qianlin’s beauty was something almost supernatural.

Her hair was raven black, framing crystal blue eyes. Her skin was a flawless cream. She could easily be mistaken for a sculpted masterpiece. Lina, even being a woman, enjoyed looking at her.

Qianlin greeted the vampire princess with a warm smile and a nod. Lina was not so dismissive to women as she was to men, so she answered with a friendly smile of her own. There was an air of haughtiness around her, but it wasn’t disdain.

“Here, let me introduce you.” Chu Cheng stepped forward and signaled Lan Jue with...

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