Chapter 410: The Four Degrees of Paragon

Chapter 410: The Four Degrees of Paragon

In Lan Jue’s estimation the Pharmacist’s power was only matched by her tragic story. Through all of this, though, she persevered. More than that, she saw the situation with clarity and calm.

Lan Jue’s face spread in to a sheepish smile. “It wasn’t intentional, the result of a change to my Discipline. I suppose telling you about it won’t hurt anything…”

Over the next several minutes he recounting Qianlin’s run-I with Bize, all the way to the God of Wine antics on the Burrows. He included the Clairvoyant’s plans, as well as the method they would use to recover his Discipline.  He also explained their ability to merge and summon one another.

The Pharmacist grew ever more curious and surprised as he explained. “Well that explains it, the Clairvoyant’s touch as always. I can confirm that your situation is similar to the process I described. Qianlin has turned out to be a costly compatriot, but you’re the one profiting most from...

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