Chapter 409: Extreme Focus

Chapter 409: Extreme Focus

Jun’er was as much a part of the Avenue as any councilor. The Clairvoyant had founded the organization, so it was an undisputed fact that diviners were a hot commodity there.

The strong were rarely awash with friends, but the Avenue was in a particularly sour state. Though they had their five Paragons, they knew that things would get much more difficult for them once the Clairvoyant passed.

That’s why it was so important to get her back. For someone with powers similar to the Clairvoyant’s – maybe even stronger than the Clairvoyant’s – was phenomenal, especially now. In twenty years, those powers would develop to great heights within Jun’er. If they were lucky enough to have the Clairvoyant train her, then it was almost assured the Avenue would have another Clairvoyant leading them in to the future. More than that, she would lead humanity in to prosperity.

“No wonder the Terminator’s face looked so strange. That’s why you were holding Jun’er yourself.”...

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