Chapter 397: Daddy Has To Go

Chapter 397: Daddy Has To Go

The joy that poured out of the little girl was a font of positivity. She was like a sprite filling the area with happiness and excitement.

He followed the Pharmacist and Jun’er back to their room. The suite was quite large, as Lan Jue noted while Jun’er pulled him to the sofa for a story.

As had become somewhat of a custom, Lan Jue related his tale while carefully stimulating her ocular nerves with his bio-electric Discipline.

The Pharmacist smiled as she listened from beside him on the sofa. Whenever it came to story time she would sit and listen absent-mindedly, thinking about what could have been. She pondered on how life would be different in the man in her heart were here. He would hold his daughter the same way, and tell her stories of his own. That would be so perfect…

Before she would cry quietly at the painful thoughts, but over time she grew accustomed. The more they shared this family time, n fact,...

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