Chapter 388: Planet Luo, Luo City

Chapter 388: Planet Luo, Luo City

The flight from Eurmania to the capital of the Northern Alliance took four days.

Su Xiaosu was quiet for almost the entire trip. She sat in thought, silently ruminating her fate. The several times Lan Jue went to check on her, he could see that she was far from her normal self. Of course she never admitted it, instead assuring him that she was fine. All she needed was time to get her head straight.

Zhou Qian Lin didn’t press him any further about the Amazons. On the contrary, she was uncharacteristically warm. It was almost as though she were trying to make up for her past misgivings.

The two of them didn’t cultivated together as they’d done on Reims, but did practice circulating each others’ Disciplines. Lan Jue taught the young politician’s daughter more finely tuned skills in using his powers, while also considering what he’d learned from the use of his master’s Taiji abilities.

Ever since meeting Qianlin - even more since she’d used her powers on him – Lan Jue’s cultivation was significantly faster. In a few months he’d discovered...

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