Chapter 385: Succeed and Retreat

Chapter 385: Succeed and Retreat

Lan Jue crouched in a dark corner, hidden in the shadows of an awning. He heaved deep, heavy breathes but there was still the light of excitement in his eyes. The crackling sounds of electricity filled the air as he vanished once again in to a power socket.

He’d planned all of this ahead of time, of course. Lan Jue had been confident from the beginning that the Pontiff had been the only one he need fear. Joined with Qianlin, these bird-men could be bested. Even Metatron couldn’t handle it.

It wasn’t that Lan Jue was ‘stronger’ than the Lord Archangel. The key lay in planning. He knew that everyone in the Citadel feared Jue Di a great deal. Seeing the mystical powers Jue Di possessed set them off balance, and gave him the advantage.

Lan Jue had trained in the mysteries of Taiji for years, but ever since experiencing Qianlin’s Queen of Heaven it felt different....

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