Chapter 383: Rescuing Little Yue

Chapter 383: Rescuing Little Yue

Qianlin’s face turned beet red, and she swatted at him. They were nearing the Cathedral.

The guard was thick, and the entrance clogged with both clergy and Inquisitors. Of course guards were only useful at protecting what they could see. Lan Jue found one of the many electric outlets that powered the structure, and in a flash he was gone.

Within the Cathedral, the High Inquisitor’s office suddenly had a new visitor. It was empty, save for Lan Jue, and surprisingly spartan. In stark contrast to the lavish interior of the Cathedral, this metal-filled office was barely habitable.

Lan Jue expanded his perception. He could focus his eyes on the search, instead of defense. His Discipline would alert him of any living thing drawing near. Nothing! It looked like his plan was working – without the Pontiff here, there was no one who could threaten his life. The place was also absent the Paragon’s all-pervasive omnipotence.

A ninth level adept had quite the scope...

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