Chapter 381: Crafty Satan

Chapter 381: Crafty Satan

The haunted house version of the Dark Citadel was renowned for it’s fear-inducing hallways. The creators took pains to ensure that everything was real; if one encountered a vampire in the dark rooms of the mansion, then that vampire was real and likely thinking of sampling your blood. The werewolves, even the corpses, were not props. There were periodic areas for visitors to escape if they so chose, but of course they’d forfeit the cost of their ticket.

This was why in the West, there was a saying: A man’s true bravery is tested at the Dark Citadel. They even gave a medal of bravery to anyone who completed it.

The house was a series of macabre scenes, including a ‘sea of blood’ and a morgue, according to the introductory material. The advertisements alone were enough to make Qianlin’s face pale.

“Don’t worry, we’re not really going to walk through the whole thing. We just need a ticket to get passed the door. It certainly seems like a suitable place to hide something.”

A few minutes later, with...

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