Chapter 380: The Dark Citadel

Chapter 380: The Dark Citadel

 Lan Jue had come to the realization that he could use Qianlin’s Discipline just as she could use his. It was something he’d discovered the night they’d meditated together. The mother affect Qianlin’s Queen of Heaven powers bestowed was like a salve, and nourished the source of his power. Even more interesting, because of the nature of the Discipline – supportive, gradual – its use didn’t expend too much energy. Although it didn’t look like it would be all that useful in a fight, Qianlin’s Discipline was a great distraction when used suddenly.

Lan Jue was pondering the conversation he’d overheard between Gabriel and Uriel. They had come to precisely the conclusion he hoped they would. It was all by design – planting evidence to mislead an intelligent foe. Using what Jue Di taught him when confronted with the Pontiff had also been intentional. Everything, designed to produced a calculated response.

Although Lan Jue certainly...

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