Chapter 337: Summing Up

Chapter 337: Summing Up

Five minutes later.

Qianlin was wrapped in some of Lan Jue’s oversized clothing, making here appear like an undersized mannequin. A bashful pink tinted her cheeks. Luckily, Lan Jue had brought some spare clothes in his interdimensional pocket, otherwise he really would not have known what to do.

Lan Jue sat beside her, and the two of them remained in silence, ruminating over the bizarre circumstance they found themselves in.

“Ehm… Qianlin.”


Lan Jue muttered, “We have no idea what caused this. But at least I can try and explain what I know – what do you think?”

“Alright.” Qianlin nodded her head. Indeed these strange events had caused things to grow uncomfortable between them. Whether Lan Jue or Qianlin, both suddenly felt as though they were a piece of the other. Thankfully, however, they were unable to read the contents of the others' innermost thoughts – otherwise, it would be a truly terrifying situation they found...

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