Chapter 334: An Unknown Paragon

Chapter 334: An Unknown Paragon

Bess hissed, “Altruistic blood! Hers is very pure, but the power in it isn’t strong. But yours… yours is strong. Though I do not know how deep your altruism flows. Of course, if you agree to give up yours for her life, that would prove it, wouldn’t it? You have a choice, puppet.”

Lan Jue met her gaze with one of his own – infinitely calm, and infinitely cold. “What if I refuse to choose? I only need to beat you to save her.”

Bess croaked a withering laugh. “You were smart not to involve the Avenue, otherwise you’d never have seen her again. And it is true that the only thing standing between you and this girl is an old lady. The question is, can you defeat me? I suppose we’ll see!”

The words weren’t even gone from her mouth before her clawed left hand groped out for him.

The room darkened as a sinister power drank the light. They were replaced by haunting rays of blood red, that painted the room in nightmarish displays....

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