Chapter 315: Lord and Lady

Chapter 315: Lord and Lady

The star map he’d been given from the Moonfiend Empress was in Lan Jue’s hands. Although the entire ordeal had been a trap, the map was real enough. It’d been a little while since their last visit, but the map should still be current enough for their purposes.

The Crimson Flag wasn’t among the strongest of the Starfields’ pirate clans, and compared to the Moonfiend pirates they barely registered. However, they did have the Northern Alliance as silent benefactors. They fit right in on the borders of the Northern Alliance’s stretch of the Starfields.

Their base of operations was a small planet, roughly a tenth the size of Skyfire. It resided in a relatively stable part of the asteroid belt, so it was relatively safe from impact.

According to intelligence from the An Lun army, the Crimson Flag had a moderate roster. As far as was known, they had three mecha combat camps that were all excellently equipped. They may have appeared as lawless cretins, but underneath were...

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