Chapter 301: The Old Way (Teaser)

Chapter 301: The Old Way

Suddenly everyone nearby felt like they’d been hit by an armored truck. That murderous aura was thick as syrup as it hung over them.

Lan Jue felt sluggish, and the others felt it too. His four teaching assistants could barely move.

Such a powerful, dangerous aura!

The green masked man didn’t race toward Lan Jue right away. He took a step, and then suddenly he was off like a gust of wind. He threaded between Tan Lingyun and Wang Hongyuan, then whirled around so that he was behind the dance instructor. Now the assistant stood between Lan Jue and his opponent.

While Wang Hongyuan was fast and reactive, the green masked man was simply too quick. He couldn’t keep up with the man’s speed. He kicked a leg out behind him in hopes of connecting, throwing everything he had in to it.

In this sort of all-out melee, the focus was to do more damage to our opponent than he did to you in a short time. But as the green masked man moved around, he reached...

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