Chapter 296: The Brothers Meet

Chapter 296: The Brothers Meet

These were real men! Tan Lingyun’s heart was full of admiration for the young soldiers. At the same time, a face swam up to the forefront of her memory, a face she’d never actually met. However, she’d lost count of how many times it appeared when she closed her eyes.

Gao Lei lead them to their quarters, which were nicer than expected. In fact, they were nicer than the NEU dorms as well. Though only around eight square meters, each student had their own room. It had a bed, a bathroom, a cabinet, and a desk. Everyone had their own space, and that alone was a very pleasant surprise.

The rooms, like the structure itself, were entirely composed of galvanized steel and were linked one to the other. There were about five levels, connected by ladders.

Gao Lei turned to Lan Jue. “These are the barracks. You’ll be staying here for the duration of your visit. If I may, Drillmaster Lei Feng, when is your training set to begin...

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