Chapter 295: Blood and Iron

Chapter 295: Blood and Iron

When Lan Jue revealed the name of their destination, neither student nor teacher was spared the surprise. Cold this really be the place? Home to the Supersoldier of the East?

There presence here meant the second portion of their ARC classes would take place here among the heroes of the East. It was unbelievable!

By how was it this planet was so barren? How could Prometheus even lead his armies out here? How could they live to protect the Alliance?

“Tang Xiao’s determinations were correct. This is not a planet that is conducive to habitation. But this isn’t just a planet, it’s a resource. When we discovered this place during our stellar colonization, extensive exploration revealed a cache of minerals including rare metals and power gems. Although this place was not a great find for life, it still became an integral asset for the East. It had everything we needed to give our Alliance the correct foundation.”

“It’s also adjacent to the borders of the Northern Alliance....

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