Chapter 292: The Second Stage of Training (Teaser)

Chapter 292: The Second Stage of Training

Through the process of the twenty-day Gob program, students had completely absorbed the stimulation from Lan Jue’s bioelectricity. Everyone’s progress was slightly different, but the largest improvements were almost exclusively seen physically. They were stronger, and leaner than when they started. It also meant the energy they could sustain through their Disciplines was stronger. It was most evident after their training, however, as there were no more screams or whines as they sat in the boiling water.

But if there was one Lan Jue had to choose as most improved throughout the whole process, it would have to be Zhou Qianlin.

Fifth rank! In this short time she’d actually progressed that far. More than just the students around her were surprised, Lan Jue was absolutely stunned. More than that, he still couldn’t tell what her Discipline actually was. It was exceedingly strange for a fiftth-ranked adept to still be waiting for their Discipline to awaken.

All he could tell was that her congenital energy reserves were far more abundant than average Adepts....

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