Chapter 291: Everyone Passes

Chapter 291: Everyone Passes

DreamNet’s evolution was under way. Deimos, the Starlord, has retired. The Star Alliance is lauded as the greatest god-ranked team in history. A day after the games, it was front page news across all three Alliances.

DreamNet’s gambit was a success, and mecha fever was sweeping the realms of man.

For the students of the NEU’s ARC class, though, their life was still an abyss of suffering.

While the sim training the Demon Drillmaster had them doing was very basic, it was a far sight better than the razor blades and boiling water they’d faced earlier. Of course, as time progressed, so too did their feelings.

Eventually they determined these pods not to be simulators of mecha combat, but a vision of what hell must be like. They could not hesitate, even for a moment, otherwise they were punished. That jolt of electricity only needd to be experienced once to convince the students they didn’t want to try it again. It was like their insides were squished...

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