Chapter 289: Deimos Is

Chapter 289: Deimos Is…

Masks were an integral part of a god pilot’s outfit here. In DreamNet, there was no way to change one’s appearance, so they existed to protect anonymity.

Deimos looked…

When the First Under Heaven removed his mask, all four Divine Monarchs stared in disbelief. Not because he was old, but in fact quite the opposite. He looked like a young man.

His handsome and vibrant face belonged to a man in his thirties, with eyes that twinkled like the depths of the universe. It must have been those he used as inspiration for the color of his mask.

Standing there, he radiated a gentle, dim light. It wasn’t strong, and didn’t bear any powerful sense. It was difficult to express, but not unpleasant.

For reasons unknown, Lan Jue felt something familiar about him, about this aura he released.

Deimos was famous some fifty years before their encounter today. He certainly be looking this young. Perhaps he used some sort of special scientific...

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