Chapter 287: Electric Payload

Chapter 287: Electric Payload

As the match ended, the Four Divine Monarchs approached the swirling ball of flame that was Deimos. The mecha gathered round, and as one, bent low at the waist in veneration. At this point they had no further qualms with DreamNet or their guardians. Deimos had paid far more in his time than any of the Divine Monarchs likely will. He gave a majority of his life for DreamNet, and that was to be respected.

“I can’t say I’m happy with this result,” Mo Xia pined. He words mirrored the feelings many spectator’s shared.

“I imagine that, even though the Star Alliance lost this match, we’ll forever hold Deimos in our hearts as one of the greatest pilots to have ever lived. Long live Deimos!”

“Now to the Monarchs, let me say I hope you’re ready to pull out all the stops for our next battles. Let your...

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